Coach Hugo Broos Defends His Team over Bonus Problem

Coach Hugo Broos of Cameroon football team declares that the bonus bid to members of his team is insolent at the forefront of their AFCON semi-final. The Indomitable Lions of Cameroon fights Ghana today for a spot in Sunday’s final in Gabon.

Hugo Broos told BBC sports that his group as a whole is not pleased with the bonus. There was an absence of respect and that he defends his players. He added that though they are not satisfied with the money, they are still going to give a very good fight on Sunday.

Apparently, there has been a disagreement in the past between the Cameroon Football Federation and the Cameroonian players over money.

During an international friendly game in 2011, the players declined to play and the arrival of the team was delayed in 2014 World Cup in Brazil due to an argument over payment of bonus.

The coach of Indomitable Lions is resolute that the players are not financially motivated, but they only want to be given respect. Broos said that they are not asking for too much, but what the Federation is giving them now is not good at all.

The team had trainings daily and Brooks read in a newspaper that the team did not train. They were given a free day and not because they are not happy with the money.

Furthermore, Hugo Broos said that even if the team is not pleased, they still have good games on the field. This clearly reveals that the players are not just after the money, but they are playing for their country, supporters, and themselves.

If they win or get to the next level, they may receive tokens. The team did not come in AFCON for money. But, if the Federation will give them a bonus, it should be something that is respectful, he added.

The last time Cameroon won the Nations Cup was in 2002 and if they will lift the trophy again, it would be a huge comeback.

Coach Hugo Broos is obstinate that their concerns outside of the field will not affect them negatively. He said that the people will see a team that is moved to defeat Ghana.

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