Cavaye Yegye Djibril: Green Cameroon, one woman one tree

Cavaye Yegye Djibril: Green Cameroon, one woman...

Bamenda, Cameroon Africa. (Cameroon News) – The North West regional tour of a delegation of MPs who are on a reforestation campaign known as “Green Cameroon, one woman one tree” has ended in Batibo.

Addressing the population of Batibo today, the Speaker of the National Assembly and leader of the delegation, Cavaye Yegye Djibril stressed the need to plant trees for the benefit of the environment and future generations.

Batibo headquarters of the Momo Division in the North West Region is not different from Nkambe and Kumbo in terms of the attractiveness of the sporadic landscape, meandering road and notably evergreen environment and rich forest.

The National Assembly environmental friendly crusaders led by the Speaker, Honourable Cavaye Yegye Djibril has essentially come for a tree planting campaign placed under the slogan “one woman one tree”.

Honourable Cavaye Yegye Djibril’s message of hope echoed from Nkambe to Kumbo and now Batibo, carrying the same weight but with a slight reminder for the people of Batibo not to sell trees but to conserve them for the preservation and protection of their environment as well as for the benefit of future generations.

Batibo may have had its own bitter experiences with regards to climate change a few years ago; pests destroyed the leaves of the cocoyam plant, a staple food for the natives; rivers too had run dry and the Batibo people’s understanding on the change of season patterns may have worsened, thus spreading hunger and so the deputy mayor of Batibo Council Tanjo Frederick Atetu sees the necessity to declare this day a conditional recess that will remind them each time they plant a tree and also to encourage them in their on-going tree planting exercise that has since last year witnessed the planting of some 2,000 trees including five of the palm plants.

The House Speaker’s crusade to promote the love for trees has also been described by the MP for Momo, Honourable Mbah Ndam Joseph as having gone into the annals of Cameroon’s history.

A memorandum of understanding that ensures the seriousness of the tree planting exercise as had previously been the case in Nkambe and Kumbo was also signed between the MPs and the local authorities.

Amidst the blazing sun of Batibo, the crusaders of Green Cameroon, one woman one tree led by Honourable Cavaye proceeded to planting some samples of trees at Njiyem.

Honourable Cavaye left Batibo for Yaoundé having been conferred the title of the Fon by the Fon of Batibo.

Bamenda Cameroon Africa
Bamenda Cameroon Africa

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