Pope Francis Met President Paul Biya of...

Pope Francis met with President Biya of the Republic of Cameroon during a private courtesy call at the Vatican on Thursday, reported by Vatican Radio. During the said meeting, the current good relationships between Cameroon and the Holy See were brought to mind and the same with the crucial contributions of the Church for the […]

Sharia Law to be Imposed by Boko...

Sharia law according to the leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, will be established among the radicals in Cameroon, Benin, Nigeria, Mali, Niger and Chad who have expressed their allegiance to ISIS (an Islamic State group). A 27-minute video presented by Boho Haram was shown on Friday by local media wherein the militant group seems […]

Almost 10% of Cameroonians Affected by Food...

Ten percent of Cameroonians are afflicted with food shortage and malnutrition. In a recent strategic review in Cameroon on food and nutrition security, it was reported that 9.6 percent of the Cameroonians are very much affected by this concern. The said report was presented during a ceremony which is intended to guide interventions of the […]

Cameroonian President Paul Biya to Visit Italy

The Cameroonian president, Paul Biya, will have a state visit to Italy on March 20 until March 22, 2017 at the invitation of Italian president, Sergio Mattarella.  The visit was announced by Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, the Secretary General of the Office of the President, through a press release. The said state visit comes after almost […]

Yaounde, Major Cameroon Cities Plagued with Water...

Yaounde – On March 22, Wednesday, World Water Day will be observed, however Cameroon is among the countries which are not privileged to enjoy access to water. In Cameroon, residents in most cities are experiencing water cuts often; especially at schools. Students at Grace Nursery and primary school in the locality of Damas at Yaoundé, […]

UNHCR Representative for Cameroon Appointed

Early March, UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) appointed a representative for Cameroon. Kouassi Lazare Etien, the newly assigned representative for Cameroon offered his documentations to the Cameroonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The new UNHCR envoy for Cameroon spent four years in Bangui as the diplomat in the Central African Republic of the said […]

Google Hacking Competition’s First Black Student Winner...

During the Google Code-In competition in 2016, Google gave over $3 million reward to hackers for exposing vulnerabilities in the company’s devices and software. The contest’s winner Collins Nji is also the primary Black student to win such kind of competition. He is 17 years old from Cameroon. This is a yearly competition conducted by […]

Women in Cameroon Promote Wider Political Involvement

Yaoundé, Cameroon – Women in Cameroon were advised by civil society groups in line with year’s International Women’s Day to enlist and vote for the proliferation of wider participation of women in decision making in their localities. Gracia Fonyuy, singer and gender activist, make use of her voice to persuade women in Yaoundé to assert […]

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