UNHCR Representative for Cameroon Appointed

Early March, UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) appointed a representative for Cameroon. Kouassi Lazare Etien, the newly assigned representative for Cameroon offered his documentations to the Cameroonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The new UNHCR envoy for Cameroon spent four years in Bangui as the diplomat in the Central African Republic of the said […]

Women in Cameroon Promote Wider Political Involvement

Yaoundé, Cameroon – Women in Cameroon were advised by civil society groups in line with year’s International Women’s Day to enlist and vote for the proliferation of wider participation of women in decision making in their localities. Gracia Fonyuy, singer and gender activist, make use of her voice to persuade women in Yaoundé to assert […]

Internet Surfing is Now a Crime in...

Internet surfing may soon become a crime in Southern Cameroon as police authorities deepen a crack down on citizens longing for internet connection. People who are in darn need of internet connection have to go to Fako and be in danger of getting caught by stalking police force. This is becoming a hide-and-seek situation between […]

UN Security Council Visits Cameroon Regarding Ongoing...

UN Security Council’s 15-member delegation visits Cameroon on March 2, 2017 in connection with the Boko Haram crises, abuses on human rights, poor governance and climate change which create one of the worst humanitarian catastrophes. The UN delegation which composed of the organizations chief decision-making body look forward to rouse attention to the disaster affecting […]

$1.39M Lost on Cameroon Internet Outage

The internet blackout in Cameroon have caused for commerce to lose above $1.39 million which is now going on its fourth week. This information was disclosed by an alliance of human rights organizations that is monitoring the internet disruption. When the demonstrations of the teachers and lawyers became uncontrollable, the government of Cameroon in January […]

Pygmies in Cameroon Victims of Forest Dispute

Baka pygmies in Cameroon are victims of “ecoguards” abuses. In a far area in Central African rainforest, two main charity groups are in dispute against the future of about 50,000 pygmies who are inflicted with hunger, poverty and alcoholism after they were forced to leave their lands to protect the gorillas and elephants. Since wildlife […]

Cameroonian Security Workforce Involved in Extortion and...

Cameroonian security workforce are reported to be in involved in using bullying tactics to rob precious items such as smartphones and obtain by threat sum of money from seized West Cameroonian Anglophone activists, revealed by some reliable sources including staff in the Cameroon military. A high-ranking official in-charge of a maximum security prison in Kondengui, […]

SCNC Ayaba Cho Lucas Assaulted by Cameroonian...

Ayaba Cho Lucas, leader of the Ambazonian Governing Council was attacked by La Republique du Cameroun agent just after a conference with Mark Bareta, the Consortium provisional leader. The agent is now on the run declared by Belgian police. Ayaba Cho Lucas is optimistically reacting to treatments as reported by authorities. All Southern Cameroonian leaders […]