Kaduna Eastern Bypass Highway Approved for Completion...

Kaduna Eastern bypass highway project was approved for completion with a budget of N38 billion during the federal government executive council on Wednesday. The approval by the council for the budget coincides with the valedictory session for Amina Mohammed who is the outgoing Minister of Environment and appointed Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations last […]

Douala Hosting 2018 FIAC

Douala – In order to sustain the positive results to the promotions of firms in Cameroon and maximize the benefits from all foreign partnership opportunities, the Cameroonian government is launching in the country’s economic capital of Douala beginning 2018 the International Business and Trade Fair – FIAC  or Foire Internationale des Affaires et du Commerce. […]

$1.39M Lost on Cameroon Internet Outage

The internet blackout in Cameroon have caused for commerce to lose above $1.39 million which is now going on its fourth week. This information was disclosed by an alliance of human rights organizations that is monitoring the internet disruption. When the demonstrations of the teachers and lawyers became uncontrollable, the government of Cameroon in January […]

Confirmed H5N8 Bird Flu Outbreak in Cameroon

H5N8 Bird Flu Virus – Announcement from the Cameroon government was out hours ago confirming that reports have been obtained from the northern part of the country being inflicted with the highly contagious H5N8 bird flu virus. The report from Cameroon on an incident of the extremely contagious H5N8 virus was confirmed by the World […]

Lord Justice Paul Ayah Abine’s Arrest Drama...

Lord Justice Paul Ayah Abine of the Supreme Court of Cameroon’s arrest was given tremendous criticism from other countries. Several newspapers have received reports that Cameroon’s President Biya has expressed his disgust with Justice Minister Laurent Esso who allured Ayah Paul into the Supreme Court. The Lord Justice’s apprehension has made a ridicule of Cameroon […]

Cameroonian Ministry of Health Arranges Set Up...

Cameroon’s Ministry of Health through the National Inter-sector Technical Committee which handles the provision of universal healthcare coverage system for Cameroon, submitted the technical and organizational aspects of the probable creation for the aforementioned system. During the first 6 months of 2017, the development plan will be established and constructed. The legal structure as well […]

Pygmies in Cameroon Victims of Forest Dispute

Baka pygmies in Cameroon are victims of “ecoguards” abuses. In a far area in Central African rainforest, two main charity groups are in dispute against the future of about 50,000 pygmies who are inflicted with hunger, poverty and alcoholism after they were forced to leave their lands to protect the gorillas and elephants. Since wildlife […]

Finance Ministry – Cameroon Needs FCfa 1,145...

Finance Ministry (Minfi) declared that the debt requisite of Cameroon is FCfa 1,145 billion for 2017. The said borrowing requirement shall be covered with FCfa 560 billion in local loans and FCfa 585 billion in international loans. Cameroon Finance Ministry plans at the end of 2017 that the anticipated outstanding fresh public securities issuances must be made […]