World Wide Fund Kicks-off Public Discussion on...

World Wide Fund for Nature and the Forest Development Rural (FODER) a local Cameroonian NGO, have initiated the very first public discussions for a national policy for the support of small scale mining and sustainable artisanal in Cameroon.  Apparently, industrial mining is still at a growing phase, while artisanal and small scale mining has experienced […]

Male Twins was Delivered by a 60...

Male twins was fruitfully delivered by a sixty-year old lady in Cameroon via surgery. The two male babies were delivered at Yaoundé   Gynaecological Endoscopic and Human Reproductive Teaching Hospital. The amazing event happened on April 27, 2017, Thursday. The lady who is already in her menopause stage acquired her babies through in vitro fertilization method. […]

Suicide Bombing Killed 4 in Northern Cameroon

A suicide bombing on in a little town in northern Cameroon on Wednesday killed four people including a gendarme announced by a military official. The militant group also killed a woman and kidnapped three girls in other incidents in the north. Commander of a joint military group Gen. Bouba Dobekreo revealed that the explosion happened […]

Baby Food Industrialist Produces Locally-Manufactured Infant Cereal...

Locally-made baby food is now being produced by a Cameroonian industrialist Pascaline Nenda. The locally-produced commercial baby food is under the trade name Blesolac which is produced from wheat, milk, fruits, soya and sugar. The infant cereal is produced by boiling and roasting beans of soya which are then made into powder. Entrepreneur Nenda afterwards […]

Leishmaniasis Occurrence in Cameroon Reported

Leishmaniasis outbreak has been reported by the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) of Cameroon in the middle of February. Cases of rash syndrome and acute fever of unknown cause were being reported from North and Far North regions of Cameroon. Skin rash, malnutrition, persistent fever, anemia, adenopathy and hepato-splenomegaly are the main clinical manifestations of […]

Almost 10% of Cameroonians Affected by Food...

Ten percent of Cameroonians are afflicted with food shortage and malnutrition. In a recent strategic review in Cameroon on food and nutrition security, it was reported that 9.6 percent of the Cameroonians are very much affected by this concern. The said report was presented during a ceremony which is intended to guide interventions of the […]

Yaounde, Major Cameroon Cities Plagued with Water...

Yaounde – On March 22, Wednesday, World Water Day will be observed, however Cameroon is among the countries which are not privileged to enjoy access to water. In Cameroon, residents in most cities are experiencing water cuts often; especially at schools. Students at Grace Nursery and primary school in the locality of Damas at Yaoundé, […]

Confirmed H5N8 Bird Flu Outbreak in Cameroon

H5N8 Bird Flu Virus – Announcement from the Cameroon government was out hours ago confirming that reports have been obtained from the northern part of the country being inflicted with the highly contagious H5N8 bird flu virus. The report from Cameroon on an incident of the extremely contagious H5N8 virus was confirmed by the World […]

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