Saudi Arabia and Cameroon Enter into Transportation...

Saudi Arabia: Cameroon’s Transport Minister Edgard Alian Mebe Ngo’o heading a 10-member delegation visited Saudi Arabia to seal an air services deal. The delegation of Ngo’o was escorted by Cameroon’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Iya Tidjani; Director General of the Aeronautical Authority, Ernest Dikoum; and Director General of Camair Co., Avomo Assoumou; among others. Ngo’o […]

Google Hacking Competition’s First Black Student Winner...

During the Google Code-In competition in 2016, Google gave over $3 million reward to hackers for exposing vulnerabilities in the company’s devices and software. The contest’s winner Collins Nji is also the primary Black student to win such kind of competition. He is 17 years old from Cameroon. This is a yearly competition conducted by […]

Internet Surfing is Now a Crime in...

Internet surfing may soon become a crime in Southern Cameroon as police authorities deepen a crack down on citizens longing for internet connection. People who are in darn need of internet connection have to go to Fako and be in danger of getting caught by stalking police force. This is becoming a hide-and-seek situation between […]

Douala Hosting 2018 FIAC

Douala – In order to sustain the positive results to the promotions of firms in Cameroon and maximize the benefits from all foreign partnership opportunities, the Cameroonian government is launching in the country’s economic capital of Douala beginning 2018 the International Business and Trade Fair – FIAC  or Foire Internationale des Affaires et du Commerce. […]

$1.39M Lost on Cameroon Internet Outage

The internet blackout in Cameroon have caused for commerce to lose above $1.39 million which is now going on its fourth week. This information was disclosed by an alliance of human rights organizations that is monitoring the internet disruption. When the demonstrations of the teachers and lawyers became uncontrollable, the government of Cameroon in January […]

Finance Ministry – Cameroon Needs FCfa 1,145...

Finance Ministry (Minfi) declared that the debt requisite of Cameroon is FCfa 1,145 billion for 2017. The said borrowing requirement shall be covered with FCfa 560 billion in local loans and FCfa 585 billion in international loans. Cameroon Finance Ministry plans at the end of 2017 that the anticipated outstanding fresh public securities issuances must be made […]

UN Staff, Nigerians, Cameroonian Shot by Armed...

A UN staff, two Nigerians and a Cameroonian were shot yesterday morning by armed men. They were working on the implementation of the International Court of Justice ruling on Bakassi. The UN staff, the Cameroonian and the two Nigerians was working on the said implementation wherein the oil-rich peninsula of Bakassi is handed over to […]

Agitated Cameroon Enforces Social Media Shutdown

Cameroon has shutdown social media access to stop the progress of escalating protests in the southern regions by the English-speaking minorities who are protesting against marginalisation by the government. The internet access shutdown in the indigent areas of Buea and Bamenda is a result of the increasing tension between government authorities and protesters infuriated at […]

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