YAOUNDE, CAMEROON, AFRICA. NOVEMBER 2010 (NEWS.CAMEROON-TODAY.COM)  -  The government has proposed to lay water pipes in 53 more areas in Cameroon through Cameroon Water and Utilities Corporation, CAMWATER.

The government of Cameroon has inked a deal with Cameroon Water Utilities corporations, CAMWATER and other stakeholders. The deal will essentially aim at providing clean and potable drinking water through pipes to at least 53 rural villages that span all over the nation.

Mbankomo is one among the 53 areas that have been slotted to be laid with water pipes.


The locals in these areas will gain from new water pipes to be deployed by the Cameroon Water Utilities corporations, CAMWATER. There are numerous areas which are in a similar plight what with acute water shortage that amounts to little or no availability of clean and contamination free drinking water.

There are many more areas that face the same condition where people drink water from rivers that are contaminated with fecal matter and urine and look worse than a sewage pit. Most of these villages are also oblivious to matters pertaining to clean disposal of waste and would have never heard of toilets or waste pits.

The result of this is that people defecate in the open and just throw their waste around and when the monsoon starts the rains wash in all these wastes into the river from where the locals get their drinking water.

Mbankomo, a locality situated 22km from Yaounde had absolutely no access to potable water till the time a mammoth project that was financed by the European Union implemented some water pipe outlets in the region approximately year ago.

But today the 2300 locals in the region have moved over to far better concepts like rain water harvesting and get their drinking water which is clean and contamination free from wells and springs that have been built in the region. The difficulty that the locals face on a day to day basis to have clean drinking water will be turned into a myth once these projects take off totally.


  1. mbo barombi   April 6, 2015 at 7:48 pm

    the mbo barombi village is now constructing a road fromthe town to the village round the right side of the lake and we went and gave a letter of appeal to the chief of post in kumba but he treated us a if we are nothing and is asking us to go and see the director in limbe.'we should not easily forget about what happend in 2013'.the agreement between camwater and barombi.if you care tell the general director what i have said is from the village.we were promise some money to help construct our road and many other things but to no avail,tell the director that we now have email address that we can write directly to his boss that he will be question and for his information we now have a website to publish how fraud the cmpany is to the village and also CAMWATER just have a month to call the village for a talk or else they wait and see this time what an angree village can do.this time the water will not be brown but will not even flow at all.if he cares to call and talk here is the telephone number to call 676558509 or 678687685 or email

  2. Atanga Ernest C.   March 23, 2013 at 3:28 pm

    Is there any possibility to safe some communities in Manyu who are in object need of portable water.

    As a human rights worker in Manyu I have meet several situations in field and think together with Cam Water we can make a change in the situation.

    I am at your disposal, to prospect and advice.

    • divine   April 6, 2015 at 7:31 pm

      there is a saying that HE THAT LAUGH LAST LAUGH BEST.for now the CAMWATER general director,his directors and his board of directors as well can think that they have solve the matter of the lake BAROMBI.but i DIVINE KOWA the project president and also one of the most active youth of MBO BAROMBI is telling you out there that CAMWATER KUMBA will soon meet his doom.if you all think that we can be use as trash then i want to tell you that we are now educated.just soon you will hear from us.


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