Cameroon’s NCC Bans Three Newspapers for Breaking Rules

National Communication Council (NCC), media regulator of Cameroon has banned for allegedly breaking professional ethics three newspapers and a publisher.

The journalists’ persistent criticism of NCC for being a threat to the freedom of press instigates the banning.

On Tuesday, NCC announced it had enforced an indefinite ban on Aurore and Aurore Plus, the French language weekly newspapers, and forbade Mr. Michel Michaud Moussala, the publisher, from practicing journalism in Cameroon. Similar sanctions were also given to another French language weekly newspaper, the Depeche du Cameroun and Mr. Gilbert Avang, its publisher.

The media regulator accused Mr. Moussala and his newspapers of recurring publication of unsubstantiated allegations against Mr. Paul Nana Sandijo, the former CEO of the Cameroon Airlines Corporation.

Six Months Suspension

Over 20 journalists, including a staff of the state-owned Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV), Ms. Marie Irene Ndzana Fouda were also given sanctions by NCC for allegedly not following professional ethics.

Cameron Herald was the only English language newspaper affected by the latest sanction.

Mr. Kingsley Ako, the publisher and Cameron Herald were given 6 months suspension each. The French language newspapers: La Scene and publisher Mr Christian Emok, Le Soir and publisher Mr Armand Mbianda, L’Epervier and publisher Mr Clovis Leopold Noudjio were also suspended for six months.

Only two defendants were spared out of the 24 complaints against generally French language journalists and media organs.

No official comment on the latest sanctions from the National Union of Cameroon Journalists (SNJC) has been released yet.

NCC’s previous suspensions were described by the union as an attempt by the government to suppress the already restrained press.

The media regulator, whose members are presidential decree appointees, is being criticized by some activists and journalists as threat to freedom of press and has no command to regulate the press.

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