Cameroonian Security Workforce Involved in Extortion and Theft of Apprehended Anglophone Activists

Cameroonian security workforce are reported to be in involved in using bullying tactics to rob precious items such as smartphones and obtain by threat sum of money from seized West Cameroonian Anglophone activists, revealed by some reliable sources including staff in the Cameroon military.

A high-ranking official in-charge of a maximum security prison in Kondengui, Cameroon on a phone conversation told Tapang Ivo that when they arrest people randomly, they demand for FCFA 100,000 for the prisoners’ release.

The official further said that the extortion and robbery is the way for them to get rich faster.  He asked Tapang Ivo to estimate how much a security staff could earn when they are able to arrest 10 guiltless citizens.

The top security official spoke with Ivo in a conference telephone conversation with one other French-speaking official working in his office. The official confessed that what they carry out is an open secret in Cameroon and that they also sequester smartphones and dispose them without informing the owners.

In the past few weeks, internet across all of West Cameroon were shut down by Cameroon authorities fraudulently quoting national security predicaments brought about by millions of English-speaking citizens who make use of social media to profusely express their revulsion with the 34-year rule of president Paul Biya.  Hundreds of random and hushed arrests are happening every day.

Unannounced searches in citizen’s smartphones are being initiated by soldiers in an attempt to read or watch contents in relation to the winning West Cameroon battle for their liberty. Due to fear, the citizens suspected to be activists do not intend to get their phones back. Therefore, the soldiers take them and sell to make money which goes into their personal pockets as confirmed by soldiers.

A freed citizen who Ivo Tapang talked with declared that his smartphone was not returned to him after paying the bribe. Identities of hundreds of citizens who are arrested at not revealed to the public. Every day, families wake up to learn that at least a member has either been arrested, missing or taken to the capital of Cameroon, Yaoundé.

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