Cameroonian Ministry of Health Arranges Set Up for the Coverage of Universal Healthcare

Cameroon’s Ministry of Health through the National Inter-sector Technical Committee which handles the provision of universal healthcare coverage system for Cameroon, submitted the technical and organizational aspects of the probable creation for the aforementioned system.

During the first 6 months of 2017, the development plan will be established and constructed. The legal structure as well will be presented this year.

According to the Ministry of Health’s Committee, the execution of this system will depend largely on the creation of a lone national framework to manage the technical and financial aspects of the coverage for healthcare.

This framework will have to assure that the proposals on the scope of health and care services are available to everyone.

To be able to access the system, every citizen of Cameroon should acquire a national healthcare system card with a distinctive ID number.

The card will allow them right to use services and healthcare anywhere in the country.  This system means a biometric registration for every citizen. The registration will be done at particular registration areas.

At this juncture, Andre mama Fouda, the minister of Ministry of Health and chairman of the technical Committee thinks that the ongoing system for Elections Cameroon, an organization taking care of the elections, may be asked to handle the operation for the healthcare.

Regarding the monetary contributions, the amounts will be automatically subtracted from the pension by the concerned units in the Public Treasury and Finance Ministry for the civil servants who are retired. Deductions will be through the pension by Caisse Nationale de Prevoyance Sociale or CNPS- Social Security Fund for private sector retirees.

For those working in the agricultural and informal sectors, the proposal is to increase taxes by the amount of the contribution for the national healthcare insurance. Membership of the helpless and poor people would be undertaken by the decentralized government on the regional level dependent on the criteria and methods established at the national level.

Take note that based on an official data, there 37% of the total Cameroonian living under the financial poverty line which may prevent most Cameroonians to access healthcare.

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