Eneo Cameroonian Electrical Company Shifts into Solar Power

Eneo, a company owned by Actis, a British investment fund and concessionaire of Cameroon public electricity service, has initiated a call for expression of intent to engage a partner who will build two solar power plants in the country’s northern area. Eneo revealed that the partner to be selected will be considered as an independent electricity producer.

The structure is projected to be operational by the first quarter of 2018 and each infrastructure will have a production capacity of 10MW each. Therefore, there should be a total of 20MW. The chosen areas are Maroua in the Cameroon Extreme-North region and Guider, in the Cameroon Northern region.

Basis for the choice of the two areas is experts’ observation that these two towns in Cameroon are the most exposed to the sun. A research by Arsel, electricity sector regulatory office, few years ago stressed that the typical level of sunlight exposure in this area is 5.8 kW/m2/day compared to the south with only 4kW/m2/day.

By shifting to solar energy, Eneo is at the same time making a big leap to the diversification of the power mix in Cameroon which is mainly dominated by hydroelectricity at 73.3% of the total national production. Seconded by thermal energy at 25% and lastly by mere 1% for biomass, solar, and wind power combined.

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