Cameroon Travel – Turkey Airlines to Yaounde NSI, Douala DLA

Cameroon Travel – Turkey Airlines to Yaounde...

Yaounde, Cameroon, Africa. (Cameroon News) – The ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Cameroon Omar Faruk Dogan has reaffirmed his country’s determination to deepen cooperation ties with Cameroon and contribute towards making her an emergent economy by 2035.

The Turkish diplomat was speaking today in Yaoundé during an audience granted him by Cameroon’s Minister of Transport Robert Nkili.

During the 45-minute tête-à-tête both men discussed some projects in Cameroon such as the National Railway master plan, the imminent arrival of Turkish Airlines to Cameroon and the forthcoming visit of Minister Nkili to Turkey later this month.

Cameroon’s Minister of Transport will be carrying out a two-day working trip to the Republic of Turkey as from the 18th of this month ahead of the Trade Minister.

Robert Nkili this morning in Yaoundé held talks with the Turkish ambassador to Cameroon Omar Faruk Dogan during which both men explored ways of deepening cooperation ties especially in the field of transport.

One of such projects is the imminent arrival of the Turkish Airlines to Cameroon expounded here by the Turkish ambassador.

Ambassador Omar Faruk Dogan has been interviewed:

Omar Faruk Dogan: Cameroon is the door of Central Africa. All the neighbor countries are depending from the position of Cameroon.

All their needs coming from ship or maritime lines have to pass from Cameroon so this is an important value for Cameroon.

And we have discussed how the Cameroonian authorities’ community can provide from this effort and we will share our experience also to establish a huge transport project for the future of Cameroon like railways project, airlines project.

We will have very soon a Turkish airline coming to Cameroon: Yaoundé-Douala from Istanbul.

This will allow us to elevate our cooperation, the cooperation between CAMAIR-CO and Turkish Airlines also and some other transport projects which will be exercised and realized in the future… Turkish ambassador to Cameroon Omar Faruk Dogan.

CamAir Co. Cameroon Airline Company
CamAir Co. Cameroon Airline Company

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