Yaounde, Cameroon Africa. January 2011 (Cameroon News) – As the Presidential elect ions draw closer there is a serious lack of opposition for President Paul Biya.

The opposition had been sending out strong signals as if to find out how the citizens of Cameroon would react if they were to go in for an alliance with the ruling party.


President Paul Biya of Cameroon Africa
President Paul Biya of Cameroon Africa

But now just after a few days of testing it looks like the leader of the Opposition party SDF is going to go ahead with an alliance with President Biya irrespective of whether the people of the country want it or not.


The two leaders who previously could not so much so stand the sight of each other and were bitter rivals now seem to have forgotten all bitterness and ach as if they are the best of friends.

It seems like they have ironed out all their differences for in a time frame of less than a month the two leaders have had numerous meetings and all of them in the presence of the press and the media as though they want to spell it out top the world that they are now allies.

Though at the initial stages of their interaction there was not even the slightest doubt that they were taking it slow for the purpose of analyzing the public response to such a union.

Ni John Fru Ndi Chairman of Social Democratic Front SDF Cameroon Cameroun
Ni John Fru Ndi Chairman of Social Democratic Front SDF Cameroon Cameroun

But now those times seemed to have passed on and it looks like the alliance is more or less finalized though both leaders have not made any such revelations to either the press or the public.

The series of talks that the two leader have been indulging in coupled with the numerous photographs being flashed to the media with the two leaders shaking hands indicate that there is no doubt of a great camaraderie between them.

The press and the public now feel that there is absolutely no doubt that the opposition party SDF will get together with the ruling party for a presidential majority.

This news is being fuelled by the entry of numerous prominent names of the opposition party now getting into key roles in the government.

However people are now just awaiting the moment when they will see John Fru Ndi who was once the most bitter enemy of the President now campaigning for him.


President Paul BIya of Cameroon and President Barack H. Obama of USA along with first ladies
President Paul BIya of Cameroon and President Barack H. Obama of USA along with first ladies

But experts seem to be of the opinion that considering what has previously happened in the political scenario on other countries in Africa nothing is impossible here.


In spite of being charged with numerous cases in the civil as well as criminal court Ndi look pretty unperturbed as he gets ready to go and the alliance with the President has given him some more space.

Their latest rendezvous at the Agro –Pastoral Show in Ebolowa has now confirmed the news of their union and the public are now pretty sure that they will see the two parties combat the elections together this year.



The downtrodden and the under privileged category of Cameroon now feel very strongly that whatever hope was left for them is also no longer there since they feel deceived when a leader like John Fru Ndi who had strongly voiced his protests for the policies of the government and the dictatorial rule of the President till the very recent past turn sides all of a sudden and start supporting the regime.

However all hope is not lost as yet as the people of Cameroon are now bestowing all their blessings on Kah Walla and the Hon. Ayah Paul Abine.

But it is yet for the public and the media to wait and watch if the two will get together to offer a stronger opposition to the other two.

But right now the hot news in the country are the two “worst foes turned best friends”- Ndi and Biya.


Paul Abine Ayah
Paul Abine Ayah




  1. cindy   October 27, 2011 at 3:07 am

    is true Ebongue i think u really need deliverance how can u talking something that there is no sense in it.

  2. elvis   September 12, 2011 at 9:53 pm

    Ebongue, i think u need deliverance. What u wrote can even bring a curse to you.

  3. GAO   September 8, 2011 at 10:03 am

    I am sorry to say this, Ebongue you sound like a typical lunatic. Your parents must be part of the government that is why you made such a comment. You know what, there is time for anything.

  4. Ebongue   August 13, 2011 at 12:39 am

    Only people will evil thoughts still want a separation of Cameroon. Cameroon is united and all parts of Cameroon are equally considered, there is no favouritism for any part of Cameroon. There is no need for any southern Cameroon independence.

  5. Joe   July 18, 2011 at 1:02 am

    The two guys should be seen old people whose senses are more confused than those of a 5 year old. They are so confused that they do not even have the right weapon to convince the people of their intentions. Their nemesis will soon catch up with them slowly. You can prolong a peoples' faith, but you can never change it, the die is cast. The old fools should retire rather die struggling to deprive the people of Cameroon of what rightfully belong to them. The likes of Qaddafi and Co have learnt their lesson and with the blessing of the almighty the wind of change will definitely one day blow in the direction of humble, hardworking and obedient Cameroonians.

    I strongly belief that Cameroon will remain the same unless people go hungry one day. If Cameroon happens to have a poor harvest for at least a year, the story in Cameroon will change. A hungry man is an angry man. The future is the decision maker in Cameroon.

  6. brook biatch   February 22, 2011 at 1:11 pm

    i dont know about all dis but i know paul biya shud go away and john should get a grip of himself he is not fit to be a president. the two of them should go play golf sumwere and retire

  7. William   January 24, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    What i know is that a selfish person thinks he or she can fool people all the time.

    The formation of the social democratic front (s.d.f) aim was to fight the rights of the southern Cameroons independence but Ni John change the cause, in 1992 Ni John won the presidential election and at the end he was told is a foreigner so he can not be the president of republic of Cameroon which is true.

    Now Southern Cameroons independence is ripe, Biya is confused, he want to use Ni John to play dirty politics which will not work, you can not fool people twice.

    The changing of the name federal republic of Cameroon back to republic of Cameroon ended the union though there was no tangible constitutional document with equal status signed by both side presented to United Nations secretariat for adoption according to United Nations resolution 1608 (xv) passed 21 April 1961.

    God blessed southern Cameroon for our determination without warfare.


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