YAOUNDE, CAMEROON, AFRICA, NOVEMBER 2010 (NEWS.CAMEROON-TODAY.COM)  -  A brand new addition to the list of political factions in the country faces censorship dangers in Yaounde.

Elecam - Elections Cameroon
Elecam – Elections Cameroon. Members of the Cameroon Electoral Body in Yaounde, Cameroon Africa

A fire brand political party who call themselves as the Republican Forum (FORE) has been inaugurated with the core agenda of removing the CPDM from power by defeating them in the elections for the presidential post slated to happen in 2011. The party which has completed all legal formalities for registration by April 7 2010 was formally inaugurated in the recent past in Yaounde, Cameroon.

Addressing the members of the press and media who had assembled in large numbers to witness the flag off of the new party, the National Moderator of the party, Roland Roamin Kouotou said the Republican Forum party would be the latest version of a political stage which comes loaded with a possible dream of transforming Cameroon into a forceful and fast developing country which would be growing through a new set of ethical rules and new socio professional basements.

A country where more than 60 percent of the young generation are still jobless, Roland Romain Kouotou stated that his party will be essentially aiming at addressing the issues that the youngsters of the country faces and to implement whatever is necessary to solve these concerns which is where the pangs of Cameroon is directed towards.

The rat-a tat with the press was also a golden chance for the National Moderator to openly indicate his dislike for the tribalism that is prevalent in Cameroon ever since the government and the reins of the country was handed over to the “supreme magistracy” of President Paul Biya. He said that voting his party to power would be the answer to removing power from the hands of the dictator indicating strongly that he understood the sentiment that all Cameroonians had to be one.

Roland Romain Kouotou also used the podium that he secured at the press conference to deplore the ‘independent electoral body’ ELECAM. He went on record top indicate that there had been no justice rendered in the elections conducted so far and there was no freedom of choice for the voters since ELECAM comprised of CPDM “ militants”. He stated that one of the first tasks that the party would undertake if voted to power would be to ban ELECAM from conducting any more elections in future.

The National Moderator of FORE evoked upon Cameroonians to move over from being silent spectators of a Cameroon that was fast approaching a silent and sad demise and partners to weaknesses but instead actively react to the challenges that the government is throwing on them.

He added that: “The desire to change and the destiny of our nation is in our hands, it is then our challenge”

He ended his speech on the note that: “We have given enough time. 50 years proves maturity and one has to tell a story. But what story can someone tell about Cameroon 50 years after independence?”

Security Guards moved into the venue of the flag off trying to put an end to his speech. The press conference would have just been put to an end completely in the first 6 minutes as security guards of the Djeuga Palace hotel where the meeting was being convened together with an individual who allegedly represented the hotel barged into the hall asking everyone assembled there to immediately put a full stop to whatever activity they were engaged in.

They took custody of the microphones, and were forcibly trying to gain access to the cameras of the press and of members of the media who were trying to get pictures of the drama. When they were forced to provide an explanation for their reckless actions they alleged that the conveners of the meeting had not paid for the venue in advance. They were however proved wrong as the National Moderator of FORE fished out the receipts that indicated that he had made full payment in advance for reserving the hall.

The people assembled there also were seen to be shooting questions that the so called hotel manager and his gang of security guard as to why they had placed so many chairs and permitted the party members to hang banners in the premises welcoming the media and directing them to the venue of the hall had not been paid for in advance.

In answer to pertinent questions if the spectators and the members of the press , the security guards and the hotel manager moved over to a mood of protest and stated that the Republican Forum had no proof of authorization from the Divisional Officer to convene the press conference.

In answer to this the party members said that they had forgotten to carry the letter of authorization and immediately instructed one of their drivers to get the document from the National Moderator’s vehicle. Once the driver brought the relevant documents it looked like the security guards and the hotel officials had nothing more to stay. At this juncture it seems important and very pertinent to note the fact that there is absolutely no requirement to furnish a letter of authorization to conduct a press conference since this forms and integral part of the human right protected by article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The hotel and its security wing however seemed to be ignorant of this fact.
However the fact is still not very evident as to whether these security guards were sent by someone to purposely stop the conference or by the hotel management.


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