Cameroon Green Week: Sparking an Environmental Revolution!

Cameroon Green Week: Sparking an Environmental Revolution!



Green Week logo extra info-1Cameroon is blessed with many natural wonders, fertile volcanic soil, and a large array of biodiversity and wide diversity of landscapes. But we are at a turning point when the growing level of development is starting to come at the cost of the environment. As we cannot live without a healthy environment, and forests to manage the climate, air, soil and water quality, Green Cameroon launched a Green Media Campaign in January 2013. The aim of the campaign is to sensitize a wide spectrum of Cameroonians on the importance of caring for their environment to ensure a safe, healthy and happy future for all.

The campaign has four key themes: forest, water, waste and agriculture. These are all areas where there is both cause for concern, as well as positive initiatives and drivers for change. We hope to put both in the spotlight in the course of the campaign.

The first major milestone of the Green Media Campaign is approaching next week with the weeklong event ‘Green Week’ (April 8th – 14th at Alliance Franco Camerounaise in Buea).

During this event we will have many several interesting speakers from all over the country, though especially from the South-West region, presenting their perspective and work in relations to the four key themes. You can find the full program at the following link on our website,, but here are some highlights:

Monday will be our forests day, where we will highlight the positive work of the team from Bimbia Community Forest, as well as demonstrate the concept of fuel efficient stoves, saving roughly 40% of the firewood needed for traditional wood stoves. We will also screen the BBC film “Earth”, which shows spectacular footage of many natural wonders from all over the world, while highlighting the issues that are threatening these treasures at the moment.

Tuesday is our water day, where we have representation from CDE, community water management initiatives and the NGO Live Build, to show the spectrum of players in the world of water management. We wish to highlight the challenges being faced, the importance of proper water management, and to sensitize the people on how they can play their role in managing and conserving water better. The entertaining film ‘Flow: for the love of water’ will complete this day.

Wednesday is Waste Day, and will be a fun and informative day, with clean up, sorting and composting activities, and a presentation on ‘Zero waste’, including recycling and waste to energy projects from the University of Buea and Buea Catholic University . The day will be closed with an entertaining dramatic performance from an engaging local youth group, and the film ‘Trashed’.

Thursday is our day on Land, where we will get insights the positive test on payment for ecosystem services around Dja forest, as well as the potentially disastrous land grabbing activities of Herakles in the south west, as well as. The huge bio-fuels plantation of Herakles threatens the livelihoods of thousands of Cameroonians around Mundemba, as well as the sanctity of the Korup National Park and the enormous biodiversity it protects. It is thus a critical environmental issue as the international demand for tropical rainforest land moves from Asia to Africa. This day will close with the interesting documentary ‘Planet for Sale’.

Friday is our Sustainable Agriculture Day and brings interesting presentations from the Ministry of Agriculture and local NGO ‘Trees for the Future’ on Organic farming and Agro-forestry. The day will finish with the movie ‘Local Solutions to a Global Disorder’, a very interesting documentary for a country like Cameroon, where there is so much focus on agriculture for livelihood.

Saturday is our family day, and will feature nature walks, a bio-market and many exciting and interesting workshops, debates, dramatic performances and songs from the schools in which Green Cameroon has active and dedicated environmental clubs. We will also have an inter-school quiz, which is the finale to our intensive program in schools, aimed at educating the next generation on all they need to know about their environment. The winning school will go head to head against adults to see which generation is better equipped for the future. Finally this day will be closed with light entertainment and a concert.

The final day will start with a viewing of Al Gore’s famous documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, which highlights the urgent need for a change of global mindset. This will be followed by interactive debate on the four key topics, and the drawing up of the first ‘Green Week Charter’. The event will then be ceremoniously closed by Green Cameroon, our partners and honourable guests.

It promises to be an interesting and entertaining event, where we at Green Cameroon hope to reach the many Cameroonians that will be needed to ‘Be Part of the Change’ and lead this beautiful nation towards a glorious and blessed future.


Cameroon Green Week

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