Cameroon Government News: Trans Border Security Meet In Cameroon

Cameroon Government News: Trans Border Security Meet...

Yaounde, Cameroon Africa(Cameroon News) –

Experts convened a meeting on African trans-border security issues in Ebolowa, Cameroon. The Unity Palace - Presidential Palace of Cameroon Africa

A global conference on trans-border security in Africa that aims to address the various concerns pertaining to trans-border security in the continent was arranged in Ebolowa, a province in the South Region of Cameroon. The conference was headed over by Cameroonian’s vice Prime Minister, Minister of Justice, Amadou Ali. The Vice Prime Minister requested the delegates who had come in from all parts of the world to strive together to achieve the goals in synergy, work towards peace, political stability and democracy in the continent. The African security experts developed workable proposals to resolve issues and set up the framework for reforming the security sector. They also reached upon the conclusion that Africa requires a synchronized restructuring program for improvements in its security sector.

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