Cameroon Football: Jean-Paul Akono Says Indomitable Lions Ready for Blue Sharks of Cape Verde.

Cameroon Football: Jean-Paul Akono Says Indomitable Lions...

Yaounde, Cameroon, Africa. (Cameroon News) – The coach of the National Football team assures Cameroonians that the team is ready to face Cape Verde on Sunday. This was during a press conference in Yaoundé today.

The coach of the National Football team Jean-Paul Akono says the team is ready to take on Cape Verde on Sunday.

During a press conference in Yaoundé today Mr. Akono said their plan of action and that all the 25 players are in good health.

Speaking, one of the captains, Nicolas N’Koulou said that atmosphere surrounding them is fine, comprehending or what he termed the excellent relation existing between all the players.

cameroon sport news - Indomitable Lions of Cameroon, Cameroon National Football Team
cameroon sport news – Indomitable Lions of Cameroon, Cameroon National Football Team

The team manager Rigobert Song said the problems of the past have been put to rest and that today their major preoccupation is to qualify the country for the 2013 African Cup of Nations.

To do that the team will train at 3PM today at the Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium while the Blue Sharks will arrive at midnight onboard a special flight.

The coach of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon Jean-Paul Akono says all is set ahead of Sunday’s African Cup of Nations qualifying game against Cape Verde in Yaoundé.

Speaking to pressmen in Yaoundé today, Mr. Akono said he will use the teams last two training sessions to finalize his strategy that will overturn the two goal deficit against the Blue Sharks.

Forty minutes, that was the run time of the press conference.

The atmosphere was clear. No talk between the lines pressmen, nothing to hide by the panelists.

No censorship for any questions that had anything to do with Sunday’s game. For that circumstance Jean-Paul Akono, the coach was flanked by Nicolas N’Koulou, Team Manager Rigobert Song and the FECAFOOT scribe Thombi Aroko Sidiki

For the coach he has an idea of his squad of Sunday though they still have two training sessions before that game.

They have respected their plan of action and with the zeal and determination he sees in his players only fate, Jean-Paul Akono says, could stop the Lions from being present in South Africa next January.

The frank talk notwithstanding, the coach remains resolute; no insinuation of his potential starting eleven nor any talk about the captaincy.

The public he said will discover who wears that armband at the Stadium on Sunday.

For the player’s representative Nicolas N’Koulou, who is also one of the captains, the air in the den, he says, has no iota of pollution as the current is flowing, a situation backed by the team manager Rigobert Song.

The former skipper was unambiguous that problems did exist in the past but that all has been solved and put in the past, calling on pressmen to end their speculations on possible problems in the den and instead accompany them in their quest for an entry ticket into the African soccer jamboree.

Thombi Aroko Sidiki, the FECAFOOT scribe, briefed pressmen on the game’s surrounding atmosphere.

The camp security inspector from Nigeria and the match commissioner from Mali, he said, are all around already.

The match has been brought to 3PM because of possible extra time and penalty kicks and the Blue Sharks would jet in at midnight today.


Amadou Ahidjo Omnisport Stadium - Yaounde Cameroon
Amadou Ahidjo Omnisport Stadium – Yaounde Cameroon


The 54-man delegation including five ministers is coming with their food and even water and asks for Cameroon to facilitate the entry of these goods duty-free into the country.

For the Football Association officials that is the domain of the Cameroon Customs and therefore it’s their duty to handle such.

For FECAFOOT he says they’ll stay within their confines. Without which all has been set for Sunday as the various quarter counts down to D-day with lots of expectations.

As the Indomitable Lions prepare to beat the Blue Sharks of Cape Verde on Sunday here are some sampled views of some football trainers in Cameroon on what possible strategies the Lions will need to defeat the Blue Sharks.

As the Lions roar down the pitch on Sunday to correct the 0 to 2 mistake from their earlier game in Praia, Cape Verde their thirst for a resounding victory is even stronger but for this to be conquered they must march into the pitch with the determination of a Spartan and the hunting skills of a vexed lion.

Football coach Ndombe Bosso even proposes more.

 The most important now is the morale of the players and then to give them a lot of motivation asking them to be more engaged that they have been so far.

To the coach there is one key for victory.

Voluntary, what we call fighting spirit. When you have the chief of the ball on the field you are the chief of the match so we have to fight from time to time to have ball.

 One of the former players of the Indomitable Lions N’dip Akem here shares with us what they always dip in their knees when faced with such a challenge.

Victor N’dip Akem: First of all we keep all our problems behind. We sit and we have our meeting ourselves and we try to solve them. Then how we think about the nation goes back to the field on how to defend the nation and when we win then the next year we sit and face the same problem that we left behind.

N’dip Akem, Roger Millan, other former players of the National Team yesterday visited and had lunch with the Lions. There they shared with them the secrets for victory on Sunday.

Victor N’dip Akem: To forget about everything that has passed and to think about the present. And what we really said to them is to qualify not to win. The problem between Eto’o and Alexandre Song we have solved it so there is no problem between the two of – between the other players, everything have been solved.

The victory is ripe but the Sharks are not coming to let go so let the masters of the jungle decide.




In the meantime, Cameroonians are expecting not only a victory for Cameroon but one that would hand them an entry ticket into South Africa next year.

Excitement and enthusiasm are back among football lovers in Cameroon as the Indomitable Lions set up to take on the Blue Sharks of Cape Verde on Sunday. Many Cameroonian believe blend of old players with new ones is a force to reckon with.

These old player are their  experienced players. We saw in Abidjan last time how – then down  the coach has called many old players that have experience. They’re going to make that day.

The match will be difficult but Cameroon will win.

It’s a win for Cameroon because from the preparation that is going on there is prospect for a victory for Cameroon.

The indomitable Lions must come back to African football scene and par excellence will consist in beating Cape Verde at least three goals to nil in order to be part of the African Cup of Nations 2013 in South Africa and Cameroonians are optimistic.

 I’m very certain that Cameroon will score four goals.

Cameroon will win by four goals to zero.

The enthusiasm is so high that even if it rains cats and dogs on Sunday nobody will like to miss the match.

We will be there at the stadium after five years of absence.

I’ll have to watch it at home or in a school snack bar.

I will be in the stadium because being in a stadium like that you see what the guys are doing, you see the tactics of both teams.

While waiting for the D-day Cameroonians keep their fingers crossed hoping that god will reward the Lions’ reconstruction effort.

Patriotism in Sunday’s game.

This Sunday one of the country’s most sensitive nerve centers will be under enormous pressure when the Indomitable Lions, now nursing the effects of depleting form will assemble energy enough to be able to stage a comeback fighting from the abyss of a near-broken dream and smash in meaning into the practice of hope.

National foot soldiers will be on national duty of norm and character and so will be required to give a good account of themselves in absolute patriotic wraps and posture and with public commitment.

They will have to combine partnership and patriotism and make an effort to dislodge what partisan politics professes.

It will be of ideological extreme friendly of compromise, moved by conventional understanding of facts on the ground evidence and science and dismissive of the legitimacy of their political opposition.

Careful guys they are supposed to be on Sunday, so they will be able to describe their slandered calculus of compromise with sights supporters and players moving into the middle.

The Lions appetite for Sunday afternoon against Cape Verde, a team they will love to have for supper, have been rekindled during their five days of training and communion with the local population in Yaoundé where they congregated last Monday.

The rippling effect of the three-nil mantra almost every Cameroonians has been subjected to is certainly expected to transcend iron gates and barriers and rather provide the soothing pomade that will comfort the agonizing and bleeding minds of football Cameroonians thus far.

Jean-Paul Akono’s latest arsenal can sure provide the pomade today even if it is a blend of old reliables gradually sinking under the weight of continuous professionalism sometimes in football destinations of mean of quality and references but what matters on that match on Sunday is the much-needed victory which the younger ones who lined Denis Lavagne hit list could not achieve in prior.

And as Akono pointed out on the day after his appointment it will be necessary at this point in time to revert to old players who are better armed to handle the kind of pressure that will come from the match this afternoon and the kind of patriotism that is needed for it.


The coach of the National Football team, Jean-Paul Akono, has assured Cameroonians that the team is ready to face Cape Verde on Sunday. This was during a press conference in Yaoundé today.


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Cameroon indomitable lions

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