Cameroon Finance News: Germany Donates Money To Cameroon

Cameroon Finance News: Germany Donates Money To...

Yaounde, Cameroon Africa(Cameroon News) – Germany is the topper in the list of donors to Cameroon.

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The Federal Republic of Germany heads the list of bilateral donors to Cameroon with more than $308 million worth of support being offered to development for the past 15 years. The German ambassador to Cameroon, H.E. Reinhard Buchholz, says: “We are currently the biggest bilateral donor to Cameroon if we include debt relief. That permits us to be classified in front of another major partner of Cameroon – France”.

French bilateral support to Cameroon is a trifle less than German support at around $30 million for the previous year, as per a source at the French diplomatic mission in Yaounde.

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H.E. Buchholz, who gave a press conference on July 6 stated that Cameroon and Germany would soon be inking a new agreement that would span across three years of development support getting to $100 million, also stating that Cameroon is still among Germany’s most sought after bilateral partners.

In 2010, Germany has offered financial aid to the tune of $100 million in Cameroon, which is almost double of what they had offered in 2008. Within the course of just six years, according to the German ambassador, the Federal Republic of Germany has funded a lot of projects in core areas within the purview of Germano-Cameroon bilateral synergy like health, conservation of nature, decentralisation and proper administration. Mr Bucholz said his country is extremely happy with the way the synergy has worked out.

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