Cameroon Doctors UK – Community Health, Coming Up!

Cameroon Doctors UK – Community Health, Coming...


Over the past few years we have been active in empowering our community with regards to communicable diseases.

Doctors Emmanuel Fru Ntsutebu, Mathilde Mbock have delivered speeches across the community in HIV/AIDS and MALARIA.

Dr Ngatchu is active with teaching at the University of Buea. Dr John Ayuk delivered a master class piece in diabetes.

We are a charity and will need your support for us to continue with our missions. In recent years we have contributed to the development of the library at UNIBU.

This mail is a reminder of our AGM and scientific meeting set to take place in London, Enfield, Saturday the 6th of July 2013.

The following leaders are expected to cascade this major event to their various groups: Sam Fongho( Mecuda), Uncle Saks (TMG), Mr. Jay Ngole (Bakossi), Mr. Dohnji (Bali), Dr Tamasang Martin (Ambasbay London), Dr . Egbe Louis Mbua (Fako), Mr. Walla Henri(Buea- UK) , Mr. Peter Ashu (Lycee Molyko), Mr. Julius Nkafu(Business club), Mr. Chrs Nasah (Sacred Heart), Mr. Edems Effiong (Bafaw), Mr. Namange (Baptist boys).


We are expecting leaders of the Bassa, Bamilike, Ewondo, Bulu, Douala, etc to do the same.

All the Sobans and Sakerettes are expected in their numbers.

We look forward to receiving the ladies from Okoyong, Lourdes etc.

The Prince of Bessong Abang Mr Tabi Ebai , The SW elites Mr Alfred Abanda , Chief Ewouma, Prof. Rose Mary Burnley, Grace Elone, Mr Ralph Nganje, please reserve the date.


We look forward to seeing les femmes dynamiques, femmes modernes, Cameroon forum(Mr. Ralph Tanyi) not forgetting the Manyu women with Anti Patience Abangma.

Doctors cant do without nurses.

With the extraordinary participation of Cameroon nurses, UK.


Doctors, UK

Annual scientific session and Soiree London

Saturday, 6th of July 2013.




With thanks,

Fred Ngale Kemah.


Cameroon Health Care System
Cameroon health Care

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