Cameroon Disburses FCFA 100 Billion for Emergency Road Projects

Cameroon Disburses FCFA 100 Billion for Emergency...

Yaounde, Cameroon Africa. (Cameroon News) – President Paul Biya of Cameroon on February 2, 2012 ordered the disbursement of FCFA 100 billion from the National Road Fund to carry out nine emergency road projects in the country.

The information is contained in a press release issued by the Minister of Public Works, Patrice Amba Salla.

The money the Minister said was available and the contractors already selected, will enable work to effectively start this February 2012 as part of the Head of State, Paul Biya’s major accomplishments programme that aims at making Cameroon an emerging country by 2023.

Cameroon Roads
Roads in Cameroon Africa. The road to Kribi Cameroon 2005, from Ebodje to Kribi: That's the van we had to wait for 5 hours to return back to Kribi. There were 25 people inside, they had to stop several times because the luggage was repeteadly falling down, we had to push under the heavy rain, in the mud, the police stopped us,…and at the end I asked the driver not to pay, and he asked me to pay more, because we had had returned alive.

Government by the special measure targets to rehabilitate tarred roads such as the Yaounde-Bafoussam- Bamenda, Yaounde-Mbalmayo-Ebolowa and Ngaoundere-Garoua. The money will also be used to construct the Nding to Bouam stretch of the Obala-Bouam road, to rehabilitate the bridge of Dibamba river on the Yaounde-Douala road as well as the bridge on Nyong river on the Edea-Kribi road.

Part of the money will be used to rehabilitate earth roads such as the Mandjou-Batouri-Kenzou-Yokadouma in the East Region, Tibati-Banyo in the Adamawa Region and the Kumba-Mundemba road in the South West Region.

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  1. Mbia   August 8, 2012 at 5:52 am


  2. Atangana Michel   February 7, 2012 at 12:55 pm

    There present road net work in Cameroon has undergone serious damage over the years and needs to be repaired and there is also an urgent need to increase this network and even connect more with neighbouring countries.

    Cameroon is set to undergo major mutations in several sectors and infrastructurally, change should also be effective.

    We cannot pretend to become an emerging nation come 2035 with a deficient road network.

    Investments will involve almost all regions of the country and transport on our roads will increase thus the need for a better and healthier network.

    • cameroonworks   February 24, 2012 at 2:41 pm

      great comments. Your contributions and knowledge of Cameroon on are very much appreciated, thank you


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