Budget Amendment, Preliminary Plan against ISIS Presented by Pentagon Spokesman

In Washington on Monday, The budget amendment and a preliminary edition of Pentagon’s new strategy to quickly conquer the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria was presented by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis during a meeting of the White House Principals Committee, reported by Navy Captain Jeff Davis.

The forum composing of senior interagency Cabinet-level, not including the President, has been handed out with copies of the classified plan. Davis stated that the agenda of the plan is for a broader global reach.

On the other hand, President Trump in a presidential memorandum requested the plan on January 28.

Capt. Davis revealed to reporters that the new strategy is not just a military strategy, but it emphasizes all elements of national power including diplomatic, financial, cyber, intelligence and public diplomacy and was put together with close harmonization with the interagency partners.

He added that the mentioned plan is very transregional.  It is not just about Syria or Iraq, but about conquering ISIS worldwide and other violent extremist groups such as al-Qaida.

The Defense Secretary is sincere in rebuilding readiness and look forward for the committee to quickly look for methods to reflect the good stewardship by the government of taxpayers’ dollars.

The Budget Amendment for 2017 is focused on meeting needs for warfare and addressing important readiness shortfalls.

2017 Exercise Flintlock

During the forum, the launching of 2017 Flintlock exercises wherein about 2,000 servicemen from the 24 African, North American and European partner countries are participating.

Flintlock 2017 is U.S. Africa Command’s principal Special Forces operations exercise. It will take action in seven countries in the entire West and North Africa.

For 2017, the hosts are Cameroon, Chad, Burkina Faso, Niger, Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia.

The participating countries for the increase of capability to work together in times of disaster include The United Kingdom, the United States, Spain, Norway, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France, Denmark, Canada, Belgium, Austria, Australia, Tunisia, Senegal, Nigeria, Niger, Morocco, Mauritania, Chad, Cabo Verde, Burkina Faso and Cameroon.

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