Brigadier General Valere Nka – Designated to Fight Against Boko Haram

Brigadier General Valere Nka of Cameroon was designated in the interim as the chief of the 4th Inter-Army Military Region in the Far-North.

Rmia4 is a division of the Cameroonian army in charge of the grounds operations to battle the Nigerian Islamist Boko Haram sect.

Brigadier General Valere Nka is taking over the position of General Jacob Kodji, who a few days ago died in a helicopter crash. General Kodji in the helicopter crash while returning from a zone maneuver was accompanied by three army officers.

General Nka as the new Rmia 4 Commander is well versed with the battle against Boko Haram.

In fact, General Nka, a senior officer of the Cameroon Army used to be a Defence Attache at the Embassy of Cameroon in Nigeria.

He is as well as the second in command of a multinational mix Forces which was organized by the countries in the basin of Lake Chad.

The multinational mix Forces was set up to put an end to the Nigerian Islamist sect called Boko Haram.

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