Barrister Ben Muna States It Will Only Be Federation Not Independence for Anglophones

Barrister Ben Muna, the lead counsel for the apprehended leaders of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium stated that the anticipated independence of Southern Cameroon is unrealistic and unachievable even after a hundred years.

In an exclusive interview with The Guardian Post, Barrister Ben Muna declared that independence is only obtainable if the people of former Southern Cameroon stage war against La Republique. However, it could not happen since they lack army, resources and weapons.

Only Federalism is achievable according to Barrister Ben Muna and it can only be gotten if the very heart of the Biya regime is held steadfastly.  He further said that there would be a court decision on June 7, Wednesday which will witness leaders of the Consortium released, but he advises the court not to pursue the logic of the military prosecutor who seemingly is saying that bail might only be granted to Dr. Fontem and Agbor Balla. All twenty eight accused people should be equally treated since they are all being jointly tried, he finally said.

Anyone urging the two leaders not to accept conditional bail until the other entire accused are released are just using the two leaders as a means to obtain their own personal ambitions, perceived by Muna.

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