Bamenda Food Market Burned Down, Cause Unknown

Fire at Bamenda Food Market occurred on early morning of Tuesday, March 14, 2017.

At least ten shops at the Bamenda Food market have been burnt down with bags of sugar, rice, “Garri”, and other products vanished in the fire whose cause is yet unknown.

Locals within the vicinity alleged that they saw odd light in the market by about 2:00 in the morning and considered it as a fire incident.

When they reached the site, the fire was already huge. Buckets of water, sand and other materials were utilized to put off the flames but to no avail.

The flames were only put off by the Army Rescue fire fighters by about 6:00 in the morning.

At this time, the cause of the fire is still unknown. However, traders are suspecting that is was a criminal act since a day before the incident; there were a couple of trucks going around warning traders who are still selling on ghost town days.

Sellers at the Bamenda Food Market are accusing other traders from the main market in Bamenda and neighboring markets that fled their stalls at ghost town days to sell at the main food market.

Songo Pierre, Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam and the head of the North West Regional Police were at the scene early Tuesday to check on the incident. Investigations are now ongoing.

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