Cameroon Authorises Importation of 95,000 Tons of Palm Oil and Derivatives in 2017

The production in Cameroon of palm oil has decreased by an estimate of 30%, basically due to undesirable climate conditions. The Association of Oleaginous Refineries of Cameroon and the Regulatory Committee on the Oleaginous sector plan to retain this drop in the production in 2017.

Jacquis Kemleu Tchagbou, General Secretary of ASROC disclosed that the anticipated lower production for 2017 and the annual structural shortage which is increasing at 130,000 tons for the past two years caused by dynamism observed in the dispensation section has urged the government of Cameroon to authorized an importation of 95,000 tons of palm oil and derivatives.

The importation is going to be dealt with privileged conditions such as a VAT and 5% customs rate exemption in order to guarantee assistance to local refineries by way of making raw materials for production available the entire year of 2017.

Apparently, the government had already authorized import of 60,000 tons with similar conditions. ASROC revealed that 54,000 tons of the 60,000 tons have already been imported and the remaining 15,000 tons is going to be unloaded in early January 2017 at Douala. It also announced that they are giving the assurance on the accessibility of vegetable oils and other soaps in quantity, quality, and best price on the Cameroonian market towards the end of this year.

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