Ariana Grande Concert in British Arena Bombed by Terrorist, at least 19 Dead

Ariana Grande, a U.S. singer had been performing in a concert at a British arena on Monday night when a  bomb exploded leaving at least 19 people dead and about fifty injured reported by British police which was being considered a terrorist incident.

The British police declared that they were taking action to reports of an explosion and that there were several confirmed dead and others injured at the concert venue which has a capacity of 21,000 people.

A witness who watched the Ariana Grande concert said that she heard a massive explosion as she was leaving the venue, followed by shouting and a rush as a large number of people are trying to escape.

Catherine Macfarlane, a concert-goer related that as they were making their way out and when they were just near the door there was a huge explosion and everybody was screaming.

She added that it was very huge explosion; you can almost feel it in your chest. The explosion was very chaotic; all people were screaming and running while trying to get out.

A lot of children were at the concert reported by witnesses.

The site, Manchester Arena was opened in 1995 and is considered as the largest indoor arena in Europe which is a popular sporting and concert venue.

Ariana Grande, 23 was reported okay by her spokesman. A video of the incident was posted on twitter showing fans, majority are young people, running and screaming from the venue.

Currently, Britain is on a “severe” alert level, the country’s second-highest, which means an attack by radicals is highly likely to happen.

The list of the dead people and those who were injured is yet to be reported by the British police.

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