Almost 10% of Cameroonians Affected by Food Shortage

Ten percent of Cameroonians are afflicted with food shortage and malnutrition. In a recent strategic review in Cameroon on food and nutrition security, it was reported that 9.6 percent of the Cameroonians are very much affected by this concern.

The said report was presented during a ceremony which is intended to guide interventions of the government and its partners in the methods on how to eliminate hunger in Cameroon by 2030.

Based on the data on food insecurity in Cameroon, 35 percent of Cameroonians in the Far North region is the most affected with people inflicted with malnutrition. In comparison, on 0.7 percent are affected in the South-West region, 2 percent in the North-West, 4 percent in the Littoral region and 3 percent in the Central region.

Apparently, the situation became worse over the past three years in the northern region because of Boko Haram’s attacks which continuously driving the residents to leave their fields to save their lives.

Abdoulaye Blade, Resident-Representative of the WFP (World Food Program) in Cameroon stated that the report clearly shows that an effort should be done to continuously support the efforts of the government in its move to eradicate poverty, food insecurity and malnutrition.

In spite of the current situation, Cameroon is among the countries that were able to lower its rate for the population victimized by malnutrition in the 2016 Global Hunger index during the past fifteen years.

The Cameroonian minister of the Ministry of Agriculture was awarded by the United Nations for successfully reaching the first Millennium Development Goal before the deadline set on 2015.

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