Agitated Cameroon Enforces Social Media Shutdown

Cameroon has shutdown social media access to stop the progress of escalating protests in the southern regions by the English-speaking minorities who are protesting against marginalisation by the government.

The internet access shutdown in the indigent areas of Buea and Bamenda is a result of the increasing tension between government authorities and protesters infuriated at the administration of longstanding President Paul Biya. The internet access shutdown makes it difficult for people to make money transfers.

President Biya is being held responsible for his involvement in the injustices by the protesters.

AIPC (African Investigative Publishing Collective) stated that the internet blackout was directed on operations of the media handling the protests and a strategy by the government to obscure violations on the rights of people in the region where four residents have been killed during an open fire and dozens were randomly arrested in protests.

Due to disorder, medical facilities and schools have been closed.

The African Investigative Publishing Collective is seeking for a unified protest against the internet blackout.

AIPC stated that in the light of the paucity that prevails in many areas of Cameroon, which the government of President Biya was not able to address during its long-standing reign, the blackout adds damage to damage.

The government of President Biya has affirmed the blackout charging people with appalling intentions were exploiting social media to encourage false information to distress the public and cause apprehension.

AIPC simply discharged the argument and pronounced that it is unreasonable and existing in a world progressively more permeated by mocking the truths.

The 24 million populace of Cameroon is largely Francophone with 80 percent French speaking.

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