African Senior Karate Competition Set in Cameroon with 21 Countries Competing

African Senior Karate Competition set in Cameroon this year is being participated with 21 countries.

Twenty-one countries have expressed their confirmation to participate in the 16th African Senior Karate Competition in Yaoundé, Cameroon which starts on Friday.

Together with the host country, Cameroon, the other countries expected in joining the championships are Benin, Botswana, Algeria, Burundi, Cape Verde, Cote d’lvoire, the Central African Republic, Egypt, Mauritania, Niger, Namibia, Ghana, Senegal, Sierra Leone, DR Congo, Rwanda, Tunisia and Chad.

The fighters will compete for three days in kata (demonstration) and Kumite (combat). Both competitions are in the individual and team categories.

Currently, the favorites are the North African countries, particularly Egypt.

The competitions will be held in Yaoundé which is also known as the City of the Seven Hills and the political capital of Cameroon. It has a population of about 2.8 million people and considered the second largest city of Cameroon next to Douala.

For the African competitors, the games in Yaoundé is an avenue for a race to qualify for the Olympic Games 2020, when for the first time, karate will be introduced.

The Cameroon championships will go hand in hand with the 8th African Junior Karate Championships both for Women’s and Men’s.

Mohamed Tahar Mesbahi, the UFAK President, urged the officials, volunteers, athletes, members of the UFAK Executive Committee and specialized committees to show a positive image and display to everyone that karate is a sport of gentlemen.

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