African Bar Denounces Attack on Complaining Lawyers in Cameroon

AFBA, African Bar Association has denounced gravely the “Gestapo” scheme employed by the government of Cameroon and security personnel in stopping a nonviolent protest against the containment of English legal adaptation in the country.

Shooting were reported in Buea, Bamenda, and some Anglophone areas of Cameroon as the civil society groups and lawyers dissented the assimilation of the English edition of the Penal Code and the redeployment of French-speaking civil law justices to English speaking Common Law areas of Cameroon.

Hannibal Uwaifo declared that AFBA is expressing its agony that under the rule of President Paul Biya, the constitutionally bilingual country is turning into a pandemonium.

He further stated that the brutal attacks on the lawyers in their lawful demand for impartiality in their own country and the effort to silence the press and curb the right to a peaceful assembly and freedom of speech in Cameroon are an unlikely move that mar the government of President Biya.

Also, Uwaifo said that the past speaks for itself that triumph for the subjugated people of Anglophone Cameroon is guaranteed.

The African Bar Association has asked France to intercede about the matter, and promised to promote actions in the international and local level versus the Cameroonian government and people responsible for the said violent incidents.

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