EU joins Sierra Leone in the Africa Power Play at the Football Academy

On Saturday the European Union joined Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) during the Africa Power Play which took place at the Football Academy where various women’s groups unites through sports. Talking to Abdul Rahman Swaray, Education Officer, he stated that this is a programme for girls to get together to work out and play various sports, which will aid their growth.

He also mentioned that the current SLFA boss and the FIFA Secretary General never experienced playing football but they are football administrators. He further told the girls that they can either succeed by playing football or they can become famous even if they don’t play.

Swaray said that it is beneficial for these young girls to get together and enjoy themselves by playing while keeping themselves healthy and fit.

It is in this regard that the European Union joined in empowering the girls and women by providing the teams with pens, footballs, books and T-shirts. According to the spokesperson of the EU, they were glad to be part of this very interesting program which enhances the young girls in the country.

The donations were given to Policewomen, Advocaid, Ahmadiya Secondary School and Convent Junior and Senior Secondary schools.

Isha Johansen, SLFA President said that every accomplishments begins with the decision to try and Powerplay adhere to the empowerment of African girls and women to undertake that first step of trying with a goal of succeeding.

PowerPlay Africa was established in 2015 by Isha Johansen, the lone female FA President in Memuna Forna and Africa, EmergingMarket Communications Specialist, EU, to provide women and young girls recognition through football.

“Participation in football, as an administrator or a player, is just one of the many decisions that a young woman can make to shape her future and define her life,” stated Isha Johansen.

This year, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Cameroon in cooperation with the Confederation of African Football, PowerPlay Africa, the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) and the African Union (AU) has launched the “Together against the marriage of young girls” campaign leading to abandoning child marriages on the continent.

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