$1.39M Lost on Cameroon Internet Outage

The internet blackout in Cameroon have caused for commerce to lose above $1.39 million which is now going on its fourth week. This information was disclosed by an alliance of human rights organizations that is monitoring the internet disruption.

When the demonstrations of the teachers and lawyers became uncontrollable, the government of Cameroon in January 18 ordered the putting off of internet connections to the English speaking areas in the Northwest and Southeast of the Cameroon.

Access Now, in a letter to the Cameroon telecom companies stated that the conservative approximation did not reflect the long-term effects which include the interruption of supply chains and the critical amount of remittances being sent to the affected areas by Cameroonians living outside of the country.

Human Rights

Earlier, the alliance already notified the government that the internet disruption is a violation of human rights.

Access Now stated in a letter to CEO Philisiwe Sibiya of MTN Cameroon, CEO Nguyen Duc Quang of NextTel and CEO Elisabeth Medou Badang of Orange Cameroon that businesses also have the responsibility to revere human rights and lessen or remedy the destructions they contribute or cause.

The correspondence was to directly ask for the assistance of the businesses in bringing back the internet access in the North West and South West areas of the country.  Further, Access Now also requests that the businesses publicly provide their planned undertakings in restoring the internet access in Cameroon.

To date, MTN Cameroon which is an auxiliary firm of the South Africa telecommunications giant controls 51 percent of the market shares while Orange Cameroon, a local subsidiary of France’s Orange controls 35 percent of market share in Cameroon.

The human rights group urges the telecom firms to support the group’s request to immediately restore internet access using all legal and policy means.

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